Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All About Anatomy

Well I've been a bit busy lately and haven't had a lot of free time. I'm steadily working on pieces for my art show in July at the Visual Art Exchange. I can't believe it's so soon! Yikes. I'm also in the middle of moving across town to a larger apartment and can't wait to have more space for things. Colby and I have been cramped up in this one bedroom for too long. So we'll have a second room for my art area and I really hope to be more productive. I also just finished up a small piece for a swap on flickr. The Phat Quarter group did an ATC swap based on the theme "anatomy." At first I was going to go very literal with it and started searching through my old copy of Gray's Anatomy. There were definitely some great images, but then I thought about doing some animal's anatomy. I looked at everything from pigs to otters to snakes and then settled on a bird, mainly just because I love birds. So here's the final piece--about 5"X7", not quite standard ATC size but I really struggle with small pieces. I very pleased with it!

A bit of a close-up of the anatomy bits.

I really like this image too.

My wonderful partner sent this to me. It's called "Love Your Vagina." Super tiny stitches that amaze me and she just finished it off so well. Can't wait to hang it in my new place.

Friday, May 8, 2009

More tea towels!

Well I've finished up another round of embroidered tea towels swap! I received the most amazing towels from my partner and I was really pleased with what I made for her so here goes!
I sorta went with a very broad 50's theme--first up is an owl cookie jar. I am in love with pattern--it is an Aunt Martha's. I used variegated thread for the vines.

I really like the colors I chose.

Next up an atomic design--very 50's! I tried to match the colors with the colors of the stripes on the towels.

I used metallic thread for the larger starburst design.

I do not have a picture of the third towel I made--it seems my camera ate but it was a 50's era housewife cooking on the stove. Oh well. You can see it here where my partner posted it if you're curious.

She made me........a super cute gnome and his mushroom home. Just cute beyond words really.

I mean really.........look at him!

Then an awesome vintage pattern of Chicken n Rice that I've been wanting to do myself but she did it so wonderfully that now I don't need to (but there are others in the set--Ham n Eggs and others that I have to do to have the full set.

I love the colors she used!

She also made me a third towel with awesome kawaii sushi. She found the image online and the artist let he use her design! but I can't post it here for copyright issues but let's just say---its amazing. You can see it here.

That's it--another swap down and I've added some wonderful pieces to my embroidery collection.