Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well I've been busy with simple gifts the past week or so. Both my mom and Colby's mom have birthdays in July, I decided to embroider them both a kitchen towel. Sweet and simple. For my mom I did a rooster playing a guitar from an Aunt Martha's pattern.
My mom likes roosters because they remind her of her father. Some folks called him Rooster.

Sadly he died just a few months after I was born so I never got to meet him. I owe him my love of junking!
I really love this little guy--the fan I call her. Just singing away totally enamored by the rockin' rooster.

Next up I did another Aunt Martha's pattern for Colby's mom. He actually picked it out. I held up a few choices and I guess he thought his mom would like the bees--and they really are cute patterns. I picked pretty colors I thought she would. I have found the even though I know alot of different stitches and like to practice them, I really just like to keep it simple. So I mainly use backstitch, stem stitch and split stitch. Again, simplicity is the key sometimes.

Ok so what else is going on:
**Went to see Tori Amos Friday night and she was wonderful!!
**Got my application in just in time for the Chapel Hill Juried series for next year. Hopefully I'll get another show!
**Thanks to kittykill for the shout out on her blog about my They Live cross stitch piece!
**Soooo ready for my vacation in September! Colby and I are going out west to Northern Nevada and swinging through Yellowstone. Can't wait to go camping ---it's been too long.
**Thanks to Mr X Stitch for mentioning my show on the most awesome needlecraft blog!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New cross stitch

Well I finally finished this cross stitch piece that I started several months ago. I had wanted to finish it for Colby's birthday back in May which obviously didn't happen. I just got busy with painting and moving and all that stuff. It one of Colby's favorite movie quotes. It's from "They Live" which is an awesome John Carpenter movie from 1988. The basic jist of the movie is that there are aliens living among us but you can see them with these special glasses. The main character played by Roddy Piper discovers all of this and wants to bring the whole thing down. It's a great movie and Colby and I love to watch it. So here's the piece featuring possibly the best movie quote...............ever.

I'm pretty pleased with it even though it's full of mistakes. I figure Colby won't notice them anyway. I also added the "special glasses," the shotgun he uses to kick ass, an empty gumball machine, and the aliens as they look through the special glasses. Here's a little closer shot of those.

I gave it to him yesterday and he really liked so I guess that's what really counts. So I just have to frame it up.

Art show

My art show opened last Friday. Everything looked really great. The gallery did a great job with my pieces and it was really great to see everything hanging in a real gallery. Very exciting stuff.

Here's my wall with my name and everything. So now I just need to get moving on new pieces and get more of a collection together.