Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coraline Swap:Part 2

Here's what my amazing partner melvinator sent me for the Coraline swap on Craftster. This absolutely stunning Coraline doll!

The face, arms and legs are all made out of clay and the body is soft and filled with sand--just like in the beginning of the movie. I am in awe of her sculpting skills.

She also made this cute necklace that has the three hidden places of the ghost children's eyes and an extra mouse ball. So cute.

So another successful swap in done. I really enjoy swapping. I love making things for other people, but no swaps for a while. Must focus on the holidays now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea Towel Tour: Part 3

Well I guess I'm about halfway through the tea towel tour now that I've finished fabricfriend's towel. She had a pretty cool Day of the Dead/religous kitsch theme going on. I looked at all kinds of design online from boxing nuns to skeleton Jesus's but none really stood out. Then it hit me........the bleeding heart with thorns. It's a perfect fit for the towel and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Here's how it looks with the other designs on the towel so far, greenlightgo's Day of the Dead Frida and sundayafternoonhousewife's Lady of Guadalupe (I think).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coraline swap part 1

So here is what I made for my partner for the Coraline swap on Craftster. This was a really fun swap. The movie is so wonderful and full of so many wonderful characters. Check out the Coraline website for fun little things like getting your name spelled out in circus mice, too. Here's what I made. My partner's favorite characters were Spink and Forcible so I used the Other versions of them for this necklace and added some buttons.

Then I made a set of ornaments figuring it was close enough to Christmas. Some embroidered, some just in felt. I painted up this little black box that I bought at a thrift store and out them all in there.

For the ornaments I did a rag doll Coraline with button eyes, Wybie, Cat, a scotty dog with wings and the chicken oven mitt that the Other Mother uses. The scotty dog pattern I used is from here.

Close up of Wybie

and rag doll Coraline.

The piece I'm most proud of is this pillow. I spent a lot of time working on this--lots of seed stitches. One side shows Coraline going through the tunnel to the "other" side. I got the image here. I really tried to work with different color values--lights to darks. I also added the button key. I'm super pleased with it.

The other side has the Other Mother in all her creepy glory. She's quite frightening I think. I also did the three little ghost children who I thought were cute but kinda creepy too.

The ghost children.

I really hated giving this pillow away. I may need to make one for myself because I'm so pleased with how I did the shading and coloring of the tunnel. Other Mother turned out totally creepy, too. I can't wait to see what I'll get in return. That's the best thing about swapping--a surprise that you know is being made just for you. I will have to stay away from swaps for a while though. I need to start on Christmas gifts. I want to make most of my gifts again this year and do NOT want to be rushed like I was last year so I'm starting early!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Continuing to catch up on my crafting goodies I've made I thought I'd post some Halloween things I've done. I love Halloween and wanted to spook our place up a bit. There's only so much you can living in an apartment. I have no yard to fill with things or anything like that but I've got lights and some awesome bloody hand prints in my windows. I thought my kitchen could definitely use a Halloween towel so I put this together using three Sublime Stitching patterns: Vital Organs, Zombies and Monsters and Gothic Grandeur.

Spooky huh? Here's some close-ups.

Creepy kitty is from the Zombies and Monsters patterns and the rest is from Gothic Grandeur.

Zombie #1

Zombie #2

Creepy corner using Gothic Grandeur patterns.

Other creepy corner using Gothic Grandeur and Vital Organs patterns. I like how it all came together and the zombies are really cool.

Then I did these patterns that I've been wanting to do for a while now from this site. They are free and super cute! There's............

.............scary bunny ghost................

...........vant to suck your blood bunny...................

...........bony bunny...........................and.............

...probably my favorite..........Frankenbunny. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them so just made them into little hanging ornaments---felt on the back and some Halloween ribbon.

Pretty cute if I may say so. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tea Towel Tour: Part 2

If you remember, I'm in the tea towel tour #5 over on craftster. I've finished two more designs on the towels that have traveled to me. First up is sundayafternoonhousewife's towel. She wanted us to do something that was representative of our state like the state bird, or flower etc. NC"s state bird is the cardinal, which I love but it is also the state bird of several other states including some of my fellow participants. So I decided to do our state flower which is a dogwood. I did a pink version because, well, a white one wouldn't show up as well on a white towel. I also did an outline of the state in Carolina blue and added the Hatteras lighthouse which I think is very representative of NC.

Then I got greenlightgo's towel which has a nature theme. I decided to use this pattern set from Aunt Martha's. I used the persimmon design because it reminded me of the persimmon tree we had growing up. I finally got to use my linen thread also! They are really great--super soft and the colors are very nice. I thought the linen was a nice fit for the design.

I'll have three more towels to stitch on and I can't wait. I also can't wait to get mine back with everyone's stitching on it. How fun. TTFN.

Catching up

With my slight hiatus from the blog I've neglected to post some things I've made. So I'm catching up. I will be quick and painless.
Here's the piece I sent my friend Julia as part of the facebook swap thingie that was going around a while back. I met her the summer of 2001 while working in Alaska. It was that summer that I got her Harry Potter. Since then we've read the books, seen the movies and maybe even had a naughty dream or two about Daniel Radcliffe. So to commemorate our love, I wanted to make something Harry Potterish for her. I decided on the Leaky Cauldron pattern I had printed off a while back. It's Harry Potterish without being too cheesy.

I really like how this turned out. The pattern was easy and looks great and my friend likes it so that's all that really matters to me! That's it for now!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Long time no blog!

So I guess I've been neglectful of this blog lately. I've been a bit busy I guess but lots of things have been going on most notably is that I'm engaged. After 8 years, Colby got around to asking me. It was during our vacation out west. He proposed while we were on a hike through this beautiful canyon in the Ruby Mountains.

It really was a remarkable spot and just perfect. He also gave me a beautiful opal ring. It's my birthstone and I've always wanted an opal ring. So now, of course, the planning begins! I've already got tons of ideas on my head---way too many to make sense of right now. The rest of our vacation was wonderful. Northern Nevada is a beautiful area and Yellowstone is just amazing.

I totally fell in love with this chipmunk's feet and now want to add them in my art.
You can see more photos of my trip on flickr if you're interested. I have a few videos I will post later too----and a bunch of craftiness to share.