Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentines Embroidery Swap

My latest craft swap was the embroidered Valentine's Swap. We had to stitch a tea towel a make an extra small gift. It was probably the easiest and most stress-free swap ever. I had fun stitching and researching ideas for it. I came across so many sweet Valentine's images that it was hard to decide on one. But my awesome partner, sundayafternoonhousewife, loves gnomes, and forest animals and things like that. I found that pattern of the gnome knocking on a door and added the mushrooms and created a mushroom house around the door. I love how it turned out.

Close up of the little gnome. He was originally holding flowers but I turned it into a box of chocolates. I love his face!

I also added some hearts to the mushrooms. I was really pleased with the overall design. I think it totally fit the theme of Valentine's Day and also was something that fit my partner's tastes.

For the small gift I actually made more than one but I had so many ideas! She had asked for awrist pincushion so I know I wanted to make her one. I had never made one before so I just looked online at different tutorials and put it together. It was so easy.

I made a little cross stitch of a heart in a hoop with a needle pulling a bit of thread. I thought it was an appropriate design.

I backed with some soft felt for comfort and also put a piece of cardboard in the bottom so she wouldn't poke herself.

I just added a piece of elastic so she could wear it! I though about it later that maybe i should have added another piece of felt to the bottom to cover the elastic but too late now since it's already at her house. Hopefully it's not uncomfortable.

Then I made her some little felt magnets. Again, super simple but really cute. I just layered different colors of felt, added some buttons for a little detail and stuffed them with some magnets inside. Too easy!

I think my partner really liked everything. I'm always so nervous when I send something out. It seems I am my own worst critic. I am anxiously awaiting my package from her and am sure that it will be amazing judging by her other work.
So another swap down. I think I may take a break from swaps right now because I have some things I'm working on for gifts and, for once, a couple things for myself that I want to do. But you never know, an amazing swap could come up that I just won't be able to resist. Have a good weekend!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday cake and roller derby

My sister's birthday was last weekend and I came up with a bunch of ideas to celebrate. There was actually alot going on--Rent was playing, some cool bands were playing in town and the Carolina Rollergirls were at home. My sis chose roller derby. I was so excited because I have been wanting to check them out but just hadn't made it to a game. We had a great time and I think my sis had a pretty good birthday!

She's blowing her candles out. I made that heart shaped cake. I bought the pans from the dollar section at Target and it turned out great.

I made a necklace and a Pucca cross stitch for her that she really liked! She loves Pucca and this pattern is too cute.

For the necklace I made a little collage on a wood tile, added the "B" and then a few beads. I like how it came out.

We really did have fun at Roller Derby. Our girls rock and really kicked butt!

That score should tell you something. Beat down!

So overall a good night! I'm looking forward to more roller derby. We've planned to go to more games and have some quality girl's nights. Good, cheap fun-----------------with just a few thrown elbows.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last of Christmas...I promise!

I swear this is the last of the Christmas crafts. I just really wanted to show a bit more of the embroidery I did for the 12 Days Swap. So here goes!

First up: Three towels with the cutest Santa's I've ever seen. They are Aunt Martha patterns and are darling! I only did three of them and will do the rest for myself probably for next year. I stitched them all on these great towels from They have a vintage feel with red stripes and are super to stitch on.

Santa on his way down the chimney!

With a sack full of toys. I love the expressions on the faces of these patterns.

And sledding down the perfect hill of snow!

Then wishing you all Happy Holidays! Again, they are just the cutest patterns!!

Next up! I made a huge banner with different little embroidered "flags." I didn't get a picture of the entire thing hanging because I didn't have the space to do so, but here's what each piece looked like. They all had a embroidered design sewn onto Christmas fabric.

And that's that! Christmas is officially over.

What else has been going on:
*My sister's birthday celebration at Roller Derby!
*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was phenomenal!!
*Lost is back on!
*Colby will be in Vegas for a few days and I'll have the place to myself!
*Eagerly awaiting my towel and small craft for the Valentine's Swap!
*May go the flea market this weekend
*Working on some cross stitches for gifts and a few things for myself!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Swap...finally!

OK here goes--I'm finally going to post the crafts I sent and received for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap. To explain the swap a bit, we had to make 12 items for day 12, 11 items for day 11 and so on. So here's the stuff!

Day 12:
*I sent her a recipe book filled with 12 low-fat dessert recipes and I also sent her some cookies. I didn't get a picture of the book I sent her because I forgot.
*She sent me 12 ornaments for my tree! They were all so perfect,

Day 11: I sent her 11 handmade Christmas cards and 11 smaller note cards which I also forgot to photograph before sending out.
She sent me cookies!

Dat 10: I sent her stuff for her birthday! My partner loves Beauty and the Beast so I themed this day around that movie. I made her:
A birthday hat with flowers and Belle on it!

A small Chip made of polymer clay. My very first try with polymer clay and I love it!

A necklace with gold rose beads (that I found in NYC!) and a beaded heart. There was also a matching bracelet which I can't find my photo of.

A keychain with shrink plastic rose charms. My first try with shrink plastic too! It's so fun!

A small Belle cross stitched ornament.

A small cross stitch of the rose under the glass from the movie.

An embroidered and stuffed Beast doll. I backed it with this fun white fur that I had. I love how it turned out.
I also made a birthday card and something else that I can't seem to remember what it is. Sad I know.
She made me: Tons of great jewelry!! Two fabric cuffs with Nemo and Wall-e fabric, two resin pendant necklaces with Nightmare Before Christmas and Kings of Leon, pearl beaded necklace and bracelet, another beaded necklace with red and pearl beads, a necklace with some polumer clay beads, and a necklace and bracelet set with jingle bells. All so great.

Some of my faves:

Wall-e fabric cuff!

A Nightmare Before Christmas resin and beaded necklace.

Day 9: I sent her a bunch of supplies in 9 themes like fat quarters, glues, ribbons etc.
She sent me: Disney themed day! A scarf in Mickey Mouse colors, Thank You cards inspired by the Queen of Hearts, A HUGE Nemo totebag that is awesome!, A Monsters Inc t-shirt, A Wall-e needlebook, some Mickey Christmas cards, and a Quasimodo beanie that ROCKS! I love Quasimodo and it's so hard to find things with him on it! and maybe a couple other things--can't remember now. But it was all awesome!

Day 8: I made her cross sitched ornaments! Mario, Donald Duck, gingerbread man and letters to represent herm her husband and her dad.

She made the most wonderful items for my kitchen in such great colors and so well made! She's a pro! She even included some button details that I love!
Set of 2 placemats, set of 2 napkins, setof 2 napkin holders, set of 4 coasters, 2 potholders, some resin magnets, a recipe box and the most awesome apron EVER!

Day 7: I made her: Jewelry! A green beaded necklace with matching earrings, A Walt Disney Charm bracelet, an Eddie Izzard necklace and 4 Disney Christmas pins

She made me things based on things I love like shows, bands etc. A How I Met Your Mother tshirt, A Lost tshirt, a Juno notebook, some Harry Potter magnets, A Sublime Stitching embroidery pattern, A Jack beanie and some Ween iron-on transfers!!!!!

Day 6: I made her Christmas embroidered napkins and towels , a soldering kit and glittered candle holders. I will do a seperate post for the embroidery.
She made me stuff for my house! 2 pillow that perfectly match my bedding, and Nightmare Before Christmas themed items for my bathroom that I couldn't get a good photo of, but there was a shower curtain and ringsm soap dish and a painting.

Day 5: I made her 4 place settings and a table runner based on Adventureland. The place settings included a placemat, napkin and a napkin ring. Here's a pic of the table runner.

She gave me some knitting looms, knitting needles, lovely purple yarn to get me started, crochet hook roll with a few hooks and a notebook with some step-by-step directions with pictures! I have everything I need!!

Day 4: I made her tshirts for her and her husband with a bonus jar of whimsies.
I love how the shirts came out!
Ralph from the Simpsons


Darth Vader for her husband

I'm With Swarley as a reference for our shared love of How I Met Your Mother!

She made me 4 Disney themed photo albums based on theme parks!

Day 3: I made her things for her kitchen based on Adventureland. 2 tiki paintings and a small shabowbox.
One of the paintings

The shadowbox

She made me Dolphins themed items for my boyfriend.

Including a most beautiful lap quilt! Astounding!

Day 2: I made her a purse and an ambroidered fabric banner. I will do a more detailed post of the embroidery on this banner because I love it so.

She made me a cute fabric scarf and a crocheted beanie!

Day 1: I made her a pop art inspired painting of Mickey Mouse.

She made me a lap quilt of my own!

Alright! That's it. If you hung with me this far thanks! I know it's a lot of stuff but I wanted to show off the work that I did and the great stuff that I received. So a couple more posts about it to show more of the embroidery and my Christmas crafts are done!