Friday, July 29, 2011

I would have chosen Duckie....

 Most Pretty in Pink fans are a bit bewildered that Andie chooses Blaine over Duckie--I mean really??  I certainly would have chosen Duckie---he had better hair and clothes and could dance WAY better.  

So would Becky--my lovely stitchy friend and swap partner for a movie themed swap!  When she listed Pretty in Pink as one of her favorites I just knew I had to do something for it.  You may remember my love of John Hughes.  I pondered for a bit of what to do...and it hit me...his rockin' shoes!!  So that's what I did--Duckie's shoes with one of my favorite lines (a bit condensed). I call it "Team Duckie".

I stitched it up on light pink fabric and stitched the words in a brighter pink........cause well it's pretty in pink right?

I realize the lettering is a bit crooked, but I sorta figured it made it look a bit more like actual least that's what I'm going with.  I stretched it over an 8X10 canvas I had and glued some polka dot paper underneath for a bit of 80's appeal.  I am so happy with this piece actually and really had a hard time letting it go--but I know it's new owner will take good care of it. Please go check out Becky's blog!!  She's an awesome stitcher, thrifter and cat lover.  Go buy something from her, too!  I can't WAIT to see what I get from her!!  EEK!    
Here's the scene from the movie with this line in it and a good shot of the real shoes (kinda crap video but it's the first only one I found) Catch ya later guys and gals!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stitching the sadness away.....

I've been stitching some Harry Potter patterns that I've been wanting to stitch for while now to cope with the sadness...     There's a bunch of patterns here.   Including the Golden Snitch and the Harry sprite below. 


Maggie's a Gryffindor like me. 

(OK I promise--no more Harry talk for while---or at least I will try very hard)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quickie thrift find

I finally got around to checking out the Re-Store in Durham.  It's only been open for like a year!  I was really just wanting to see what they had in the way of couches but had no luck.  But I did find these two adorable little cross stitches.  They were just perfect.

I look forward to checking out this place more regularly--I have a feeling they have good stuff coming through there. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden update

Well my little garden is really doing great!!

Everything has grown so much--the lettuce mix and radishes are pretty much ready to eat!  I've added some garlic and mint.
I've added a couple tomato plants that a co-worker gave me, too. 

My two pots of impatiens are drawing in hummingbirds which I (and Maggie) love to watch.

The basil is taking off!  I've got like 6 pots of the stuff!
I'm so excited!  I didn't know if I would be able to grow anything honestly.  Plus it's been so hot here that I didn't know if it would make it.  But it's all doing well.  Yippee.

**On another note:  We went to see Harry Potter and it was so wonderful.  I cried several times and was very pleased at the end.  I didn't want to leave the theater because it was like saying goodbye for good to these wonderful characters.  I know this probably sounds stupid to some--but I have a real sense of loss after seeing the movie--it was like I had lost an old friend.  It's really over.  Though I know there will be nothing new for Harry, I will always have the books and movies to remind me of why I love them so.  OK--I promise to try to move on.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ode to Harry Potter

It was the summer of 2001, my first working in Denali. I had brought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in my small stack of books to read that summer. I read it quickly and loved it so much. I immediately fell in love with the world that J.K. Rowling had created and with the characters that inhabited it. I let a friend borrow that book that summer and she also became an instant fan--so much so that the next time she could get to town, she bought the rest of the Harry Potter books that were out at the time. We both read them voraciously. We were hooked. Such began my love affair with Harry Potter. That winter of 2001 I was living in Colorado and the Sorcerer's Stone movie came out. I was so excited! I bought some Bertie Bott's to snack on while waiting in line to get in. The movie was magical. Colby watched that movie with me and we've seen all the other movies in the theater together. It's just something we do. He's never read the books but he does enjoy the movies. Now that the last movie is out, I feel a sense of loss. I've spent the last 10 years with these characters--that's longer than most things. What will I do now that it's truly over? (I secretly hope that Rowling will write some stories about Harry's parents) At least there's plenty of craftiness to look at. Here's some of my uber-faves I've found.  I myself have stitched this Leaky Cauldron piece for my friend from that summer in Alaska 10 years ago and I recently received these kick-ass pieces in a swap.
  I will miss you Harry. 

This  lovely stitched quote from Dumbledore by shaebay.  I love the words with this frame.  A beautifully simple piece.  She's also stitched this this and this.

A few years back there was a Potterpuff craze (cross between Harry Potter characters with big Powerpuff Girls eyes).  I don't remember where it all started--some site, but they are so adorable.  spike_fan has stitched up several examples including my favorite--Remus Lupin. See others here, here and here.
 ofenjen made this stunning quilt!  42 squares of Harry Potter love.  Here re some of my favorite blocks.
The Flying Car
Hagrid's Hut
A Dementor
Beautiful Hedwig
This wonderful cross stitch of the dark mark by bombastitch

There's tons more stuff out there.  People are wild about Potter--the true mark of something great, is when folks make things based on it--in my opinion.  So---so long for now Harry--until we meet again in the pages of my books.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flickr faves: Couches

We need a new couch something fierce.  The one we have is a hand-me-down from my grandmother. Let's just say it's seen better days. It's becoming less and less comfortable to sit on.  We're not quite at the point where we are going to make a purchase though.  So what do I do--drool over awesome couches online of course. 
This orange striped couch looks cool-especially with the pink shag rug!
I'm loving this aqua sofa--ooh what I could do with this one! 
This bright orange sofa is amazing.  I love the shape.  I actually love this entire room--when can I move in?
This one is so full of awesome (and it's a trundle bed, too!)
Dang!  This doll even has a better couch than me. 
Red velvet?   Come to mama.
Oooh so comfy and sunny.  I cold take a mean nap on this one.
Loving this pink--don't know if Colby would go for it though?

This awesome teal couch is so beautiful I can't stand it.
Lime green?  Yes please.

Well I guess that's enough window shopping for now.I'm hesitant to buy a brand new couch because we are still apartment dwellers.  I would hate to buy a new couch that would not fit into our someday home.  Guess I'll go scope craigslist some more for a snazzy used one.  Later!