Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art show: Stitch Fetish 2

I wanted to make you all aware of an amazing art show filled with stitched delights!  The always provocative Ellen Schinderman has done it again, putting together a fantastic collection of stitched, knitted and sewn erotic works.  If you happen to be in the LA area, I strongly suggest checking it out.  I sure wish I could!  For more information please visit the facebook event page here or The Hive Gallery's website here

This page on Ellen's blog lists the artists involved with links to their respective websites.  

Do check it out!

Opening: February 8th, 2014, 8-11:30PM
Show Runs: February 8th- March 1st

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Wintry Wreath

I have been on a wreath kick lately, wanting to make all kinds of wreaths for all the seasons and holidays.  I've been pinning some amazing wreaths on Pinterest. I've got so many I want to make!  But seeing as it is currently winter, I thought I'd start with a winter themed wreath.  In keeping with one of my crafty goals for the year, I used supplies I had on hand. Here's my result.  I'm totally in love with it.

It's wrapped in yarn, then sparkly star garland, added some crocheted snowflakes, a few old Christmas ornaments and a little cardinal.  Simple, but pretty.

I used this wreath form that I already had. I did leave the plastic on it, thinking it wouldn't snag the yarn as I wrapped it.  The yarn I've had for a while and it was plenty to wrap this wreath and have some left over. 

To start wrapping the yarn, I just made a knot in the yarn and stuck a pin through it into the wreath. I think it will hold pretty well.  I really didn't want to break out the glue gun.

Here it is all wrapped up nice and warm.  You'll see I still have quite a bit of the white yarn left--yay more projects!  The best advice I can give about wrapping the yarn is keep the tension throughout so you don't get strange gaps.  Other than that, it's a bit of a tedious process but goes pretty quickly.

I gathered up the materials I had planned on using.  I didn't use much of this stuff!  I had these grand plans of using these turquoise ornaments all over the wreath but it just wasn't working.  So I'll save those for another project as well.  I have a lot of these crocheted snowflakes that I knew I wanted to incorporate as well.  

I have two packages of this shiny star garland that I bought after Christmas a couple of years ago.  I decided to wrap this around the wreath to give it a bit of sparkle. 
 I like the contrast between the star garland and the soft yarn. 

I added the little cardinal and blue snowflake.  I love images of bright red cardinal in the snow.  Such beautiful birds. 

 I made a little garland with a few of the snowflakes and added those so they would hang in the middle, then added three of the blue ornaments.  These were the only ones that looked good when they were wired together.  The others were leaving too much of a gap for my liking. I used a thin wire to affix these to the wreath.

And that was it!  It didn't really take too long and the end product is super cute and I love seeing it on my door.  A great mix of sparkle and warmth.  Very wintry indeed.

Next up, I would like to work on a Valentine's Day wreath.  I may just try to rework the one I already have. I've got some pink Christmas ornaments I think may work!

Do you hang seasonal wreaths?  I think it's so fun!

'Til next time!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Catch Up: cross stitch ornaments

I was involved in a Secret Santa gift exchange with some of my T21 moms over the holidays.  Along with a purchased gift, I made these little cross stitch ornaments for an amazing mom.  She mentioned her favorite colors were lavender and green and I remembered these ornaments from a Cross Stitcher magazine.  So I decided to make a few of them for her tree. 

I ended up making four different ornaments backing each with felt and finishing off with a button and some ribbon to hang it. 

The colors really are a nice combination.  She liked them too so that's always good.  I still get so nervous when sending something handmade to someone.  I just never know if they will like it or not.  That should catch me up for Christmas stitches!  I didn't make as many things this year as I usually do.  Still struggling with finding enough time. It's something I'm working on this year.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Catch Up: My swap stuff

In my last post I mentioned a little craft swap I did with some super stitchy folks.  I'm finally sharing what I made for my pal Jacquie!  She mentioned elves twice in her 'likes' so I just knew what I had to do....a really cute elf.

The pattern is from the Aunt Martha's big holiday pattern pack.  I thought this elf with the little tree was so cute.  It was really fun to stitch.

I used a bit of metallic thread on the star and the garland.  That stuff can be a pain to work with, but I find if I just take my time, it usually works well.

Look at that face.  Too cute.

I finished as a wall hanging backing it with some Christmas fabric and adding a little red trim along the bottom and a couple of buttons at the top with some rick rack to hang it.  I struggled a bit with my sewing machine not having used it in over a year!  It got sticky and it took me forever to even remember how to thread it.  But it all worked out and thankfully Jacquie is OK with its imperfections.

So that wraps up the little Christmas swap!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Catch Up:Swap goodies!

I did a little swap with some of my favorite stitchy peeps.  I received the cutest things from the amazing Lisa! Go check out her blog....she makes fun stuff!  Such a treat to have creative friends!

 First this sweet little felt stocking.  Check out the little diamond and flower details!  I also love the curly toe.  So cute. Lisa is an amazing craftsperson with great attention to detail. 

This banner is made with cute Christmas-y papers. I loved having it up during the holidays and can't wait to use it in the years to come.

I've said it before and I'll say it again....I love swapping. Can't wait to do more this year!  My next post will be what I made for my partner.

'Til then!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creative wishes for 2014

Is there anyone there???   I know I’ve been a bit absent lately and I do apologize dear friends!  To be quite honest, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and blog.  The holidays kept me busy with visiting, making, baking and the sickies—both me and the babe (boo!).  But I’m here with fresh eyes and a positive outlook for the new year!  I do have a few things to share which I hope to do in the next week or two, both things I made and things I received!  It’s some super cool stuff, too.   But his post I want to make some crafty goals for 2014.  Side note—can you believe it’s 2014??? Egads!

*Do more of my own art.  I truly miss painting, but have zero space to do it.  So I think I will try to work on a smaller scale, perhaps even just a sketchbook.  Anything to keep my brain churning and feel like my own artistic voice is not getting lost. I do enjoy working on the cross stitches and embroideries, I really do, but I also like working on my own ideas. 

*Finish up some WIPs.  I have several pieces that are sitting around unfinished and it kinda bums me out.  Like this massive cross stitch that I haven’t touched in months!  I almost finished the Spooky Sampler but not quite in time for Halloween.  This one is so close to being finished that I think I’ll tackle this one first.

I’m way behind on Gingerbread Lane which I had all the lofty dreams of finishing in time for Christmas (I really should have known better I guess) but I do want to finish this, at least in time for next Christmas!  

I got as far as the stitching half of the border for 12 Days of Christmas, so yeah, a lot to finish there as well. 

*I seriously want to de-stash this year.  I have a lot of supplies and really feel like I can just work with what I’ve got instead of buying a bunch of stuff.  The only thing I may have a problem with is wreath forms.  I want to make some seasonal wreaths this year and only have one wreath currently.  But I figure if I use coupons that are always available for Michael’s/AC Moore/Joanns then it may be the only thing I need to purchase throughout the year.  So this one will definitely be a work in progress and I will seriously have to check myself throughout the year.  But I have a long list of things I want to stitch this year. I will try to get to as many as I can…while de-stashing along the way!  I would like to do more swaps and some Pinterest challenges this year which will certainly help as well.  Don’t you all love Pinterest?  I really do.  I pin so many awesome patterns, wreaths, and other crafty ideas but I don’t really DO many of them so trying some of them out will be good. 

So there it is.  I'm looking forward to 2014!   Let's get creative!!