Artist Statement

I consider myself a storyteller in the broadest of definitions. My work is narrative and each piece tells a story. The stories I tell are never really complete, however, leaving much unsaid. It is oftentimes interactive and needs to be experienced and felt; only completed with each viewing as the viewer brings their own history to the piece. The relationship of images, words and depth of layers is a large part of that search. The layering of many different materials (paint, fabric, threads etc.) is essential to my work. Some things are hidden while others are left in plain view. The stories I tell vary from personal stories about my life, thoughts and travels-to stories about family, friends and politics. For me it is the search for answers – not the answers themselves – that is most important. My hope is that this search for answers will bring me closer to finding the meaning of my life. I may never find it, but the search will certainly be interesting along the way.

My work pulls from many sources including a sense of tradition by using traditional techniques such as sewing and embroidery and using them as a tool to further my own story. I am compelled by the processes I use. The actual act of pulling a needle and thread is invigorating. The fabric I use also has a story of it’s own as most of it belonged to family members, while other fabric comes from thrift stores bringing with it its own history. My creative influences are broad and include quilts, feminist art of the 70’s, small town life, science fiction movies, traveling, family and our American culture in general.