Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween wreath....full of glitter

I updated my Halloween wreath again.  I've been scouring pinterest for ideas because I knew my little wreath needed something more than what it had.  I have a little extra time to work on things since I'm furloughed for the government shutdown so it was the perfect time to change it up.  I saw this entryway and BAM..that was the inspiration I needed!  I loved the purple and orange ball ornaments and knew that I could do something like that with my purple Christmas ornaments.  So that's exactly what I did.

 I added the purple glitter pumpkin that at picked up at Target for $1 and then clustered the balls together in groups of three around the wreath.  I kept the little jack-o-lanterns and the crow from the previous design and added the glittery leaf picks, also left over from my Christmas stash.

I love it.  It's a little over the top but it is for Halloween after all.  Do you change out wreaths for the holidays? Do you search pinterest for ideas?  I know I do.  I've got tons more wreaths on my Halloween board that I would love to make!

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