Sunday, July 13, 2014

Halloween in June

I love Halloween!  It’s second only to Christmas as my absolute favorite holiday to decorate for.  I’ve been trying to add to my Halloween decorations as well and what’s a more perfect way of doing that than with a good ‘ol swap.  I joined in on the Halloween in June swap on Craftster to get my Halloween crafty juices oozing.  Here’s what I received from my fab partner!

 A creepy cute doll and a set of hand painted nesting dolls.  How fab!

The doll is really creepy cool.  She has button eyes and a ribcage exposed on her front. 

 I love the back where she used a doily.  It really adds a nice touch to the doll.

The nesting dolls are very cool as well.  She painted them with Halloween themes-haunted house with a spooky graveyard, a witch, a black cat, a jack-o-lantern a wee ghost.  I adore this. Such a great idea to repurpose old nesting dolls that may be a bit worse for wear.  

This swap is definitely getting me in the spooky mood. I'm ready for crisp, cool weather and sweet treats.  Stayed tuned for what I made for my partner.  It's still on it's way to Canada so I don't want to spoil the surprise.



Minnie said...

Great exchange pieces.

Lisa said...

Creepy cool! I like that doll, so great!!