Friday, June 20, 2008

Queen of schtuff

I seriously need to organize my schtuff. I have so much schtuff that I've accumulated it has literally taken over my apartment. Every corner, wall, tabletop even parts of the floor are covered. Granted I live in a small one-bedroom and share the space with my boyfriend and cat, but man! The books alone are overwhelming. However, I fully blame my addiction to schtuff on my mother which she consequently blames on her father. He was a king of junking (or so I'm told--he passed away just months after I was born) and he has a shed to prove it---filled with old bottles, furniture etc that has been sitting there forever.
My mom loves her schtuff too. We would always (and let's face it we still do) go thrifting and to yard sales all the time. We would just buy things that made up happy. We both collect so many things that it's hard to remember what all we have! Most of my "collections" are at her house in boxes because I just don't have anywhere to put it. So I cant enjoy my Pez dispensers, lunch boxes, Happy Meal toys and Disney stuffed toys. Not to mention all the things I had when I was a kid that my mom just couldn't bear to part with. But what am I to do? I love it all so much and I just can't seem to part with it.
I suppose there is no remedy really. I'm doomed to a life of schtuff. My apartment will just have to deal with it. (As will my boyfiend for that matter) So pass the wall of big eyed- 60's girls paintings, hang a right at the mountain of fabric, step over the heap of craft books and patterns, crawl under the Disney stuffies, don't knock over the huge pickle jar full of buttons and you will finally find me probably sewing or reading by my large stack of books that don't fit in the bookcase--surrounded by my lovely stuff.

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lalallaurrenn said...

you have just described me. Literally... to a tee. I have so much stuff that surrounds me at all times, and can't even remember what I collect. I usually say I collect everything. I'm sure glad I'm not the only one!