Monday, December 1, 2008

Chuck Palahniuk Swap: Part 2

I received the most awesome crafts from my swap partner for the Chuck Palahniuk Swap. She was so inventive and creative and really blew my mind! I love everything-- so on to the loot!

A Shannon doll from the book "Invisible Monsters." She is the main character and wears a veil because the bottom half of her jaw is missing. This is my favorite book and was glad that she crafted something from that book for me!! She also has a secret.....

When you remove the veil she turns in to Brandy Alexander another character from the book. Just look at the embroidered facial details! Such a fantastic job!

She even included some pills that Brandy takes---for all my estrogen needs. (They were really Tic Tacs ;))

An altered book with a surprise inside......
hee hee little stuffed penis complete with veins. Could represent so many of his books really. Too funny.

A sex addicts journal from the book "Choke." This is absolutely hilarious. It has pages about how to tell if you are a sex addict, the 12 steps to recovery etc. I jus rolled on the floor laughing.

How to Tell if you're an addict page.

Some of the steps page.

A Marla Singer frame. She is one of my and my partner's favorite characters. The frame has quotes by and about Marla around the frame and an image of Marla from the Fight Club movie.

A Marla doll that I absolutely adore. She's wearing a prom dress and even has cigarette. I can't even describe how much I love this.

So another successful swap. I'm so glad that I've had really cool and inventive partners. I have been so lucky.


Rachel said...

holy HELL!! you got some awesome shit! i LOVE the doll. i'm reading invisible monsters for like the 3rd time & his books still never get un-re-readable haha

Crystal Rhew said...

I know! She made the most awesome stuff. I love IM too and reread it again for the swap.