Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Well I went to the annual Hospice Flea Market this weekend. It's a gigantic flea market selling everything you can imagine. It takes place in this old factory building that has no air conditioning and is hot hot hot!! I could only stand about two hours there but I found some great stuff! Here's some highlights of my finds!

A great little set of needlepoint work of the seasons. I can only assume there was a fourth season somewhere in the boxes and boxes of framed art. I like the winter one the best.

This absolutely adorable cross stitch of rabbits taking a shower in the rain water from a flower.

A small cross stitch of the classic bathroom phrase; "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat" This immediately was hung up in my bathroom.

An awesome little milk glass sugar dish with a great design. This will be put to use!

A cute little crewel piece of a girl with flowers.

All this little bits and bobs of lace and trim and eyelet.

This fabric which has a small pattern of horse jumping girls. Very cute and I can't wait to use it for something. I also scored a ton of muslin for cheap and a pretty pink. I was very disappointed with the fabric section this year. They have always had four to five rows of fabric and this year there was two! I didn't find hardly anything good like I usually do.

One of the best things I found was this set of paintings featuring a bull fighter.

They are hand painted and are dated 1959! I just had to have them.

They immediately went up over my couch.
Finally, this set of crewel pieces depicting famous scenes of Revolutionary America. They are from a stamped set dated 1972 from Paragon No. 0906. Someone worked very hard and long on these. They are quite remarkable and I am going to try to frame them soon.

The classic march

Paul Revere

Betsy Ross

Washington and his troops in the winter at Valley Forge
I paid only a dollar each for these! I couldn't believe it. It seems that whomever priced the needlework did not think they were worth much. All of the other pieces I purchased were either a quarter or fifty cents.

Well those are the highlights. I scored some pretty good stuff this year. Now I just have to wait until next year!


Rachel said...

Awesome finds! I love flea markets :)

Crystal Rhew said...

Yeah I got some pretty good stuff this year. This flea market is so unbelievably huge! It's two floors in this old factory and each floor is huge too! Pretty much everything you can imagine is there.