Monday, June 29, 2009


I dropped off my pieces to the gallery this weekend! So everything is ready to go. While I was there I picked up some of the postcards that they made up for the Exchange Gallery Shows. It was very exciting to see my piece on an actual piece of advertisement. Silly I know but here it is!

My piece is on the second row, sixth picture.
The back lists all the artists for the year. You'll see me under July

The opening is on Friday and I hope to get a good response. It's always nice to hear feedback from other folks.

Other things that are going on:
*Colby and I travelled down to the Outer Banks for friend's wedding. We saw friends we hadn't seen in years and a had a great time!
*Happy 1st Birthday Baby Isaac!
*Transformers 2: eh--it was ok
*Really wanting to travel again. Seeing all my old Alaska friends made me miss the seasonal life I once had.

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