Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well I've been busy with simple gifts the past week or so. Both my mom and Colby's mom have birthdays in July, I decided to embroider them both a kitchen towel. Sweet and simple. For my mom I did a rooster playing a guitar from an Aunt Martha's pattern.
My mom likes roosters because they remind her of her father. Some folks called him Rooster.

Sadly he died just a few months after I was born so I never got to meet him. I owe him my love of junking!
I really love this little guy--the fan I call her. Just singing away totally enamored by the rockin' rooster.

Next up I did another Aunt Martha's pattern for Colby's mom. He actually picked it out. I held up a few choices and I guess he thought his mom would like the bees--and they really are cute patterns. I picked pretty colors I thought she would. I have found the even though I know alot of different stitches and like to practice them, I really just like to keep it simple. So I mainly use backstitch, stem stitch and split stitch. Again, simplicity is the key sometimes.

Ok so what else is going on:
**Went to see Tori Amos Friday night and she was wonderful!!
**Got my application in just in time for the Chapel Hill Juried series for next year. Hopefully I'll get another show!
**Thanks to kittykill for the shout out on her blog about my They Live cross stitch piece!
**Soooo ready for my vacation in September! Colby and I are going out west to Northern Nevada and swinging through Yellowstone. Can't wait to go camping ---it's been too long.
**Thanks to Mr X Stitch for mentioning my show on the most awesome needlecraft blog!

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