Sunday, November 8, 2009

Off to a good start

I've started stitching up some things for the holidays already. I'm trying not to get so behind as I did last year. I pretty much left myself a week for gifts last year because of a huge Christmas swap I decided to do------which I vowed to never do again. So hopefully things will not be so bad this year. I don't really know who I'm giving these to quite yet, I just ironed on a bunch of designs I've been wanting to stitch for a while. These will most likely be made into ornaments because they're on the smaller side. So here's what I've go so far.

These great Julie West designs from Sublime Stitching that I've been wanting to do.

This one looked like a tree to me so I gave it a trunk.

I also did a couple things from the Black Apple patterns so. I love these patterns so much. Check out the Black Apple blog also for more great art from Emily Martin. She's really fantastic.

Cute hedgehog.

Bunny wearing a striped dress.

Then a couple things from a huge Aunt Martha's holiday pattern set. There are some really great things in the set from Thanksgiving to Christmas and some really super cute designs too. I'll be using a lot of patterns from this.

I mean how sweet is this little angel. I just had to use cotton candy colored thread for this. Too sweet.

And this cute caroler! Seriously... how sweet is he? My french knots still aren't perfect but I think they're about as good as they're gonna get. I would strongly recommend this transfer set if you want cute Christmas designs. I really feel like I'm making good time so far. I have TONS more to do of course. I'm really trying not to buy much at all for the holidays this year. I'm trying to save for a wedding you know? Plus I have great family and friends that appreciate handmade gifts. Off to stitch some more!