Friday, November 6, 2009

Dirty Things

I've been putting off writing about the NSFW swap because I'm really not sure if my partner has received her piece yet but I can't wait any longer!! Over on flickr the Phat Quarter group did a NSFW swap--NSFW meaning not safe for work if you didn't know. So this one was wide open for raunchy language and sexy situations. I received this amazing piece from schinders. I was so excited that she was going to be making something for me because I am a big fan of her work. She definitely didn't disappoint with this Dirty Pillow!

Saucy huh? I love it. Be sure to check out the rest of her work. It's really fantastic.

I was pretty pleased with the piece I made. I got the idea from a Robert Mapplethorpe photo of a guy in a business suit with his junk hanging out. Quite a stunning image really. I stitched on fabric that has little balloons on it though for a bit of whimsy. I had also just found these small doilies at Big Lots for a quarter each and really wanted to use one. So I thought I'd cover up the NSFW part of this piece and then stitched Peek-A Boo on it. If you raise it you'll get the naughty surprise. I love it.

The whole piece.

Peek-a Boo

The surprise underneath--a pretty pink penis. I think it's hilarious. I really hope it makes it to my partner. She lives in Australia so it had a bit of a trek. So now I'm just working on things I want to do--Christmas things, gifts etc. I was ironing on transfers for at least an hour the other day to get things ready. Busy busy busy!

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