Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inspirations: Camille Rose Garcia

What can I say about Camille Rose Garcia? Her work is so stunningly beautiful that there really are no words.  When I look at her work, I am truly knocked speechless.
"Mirror, White Mirror" 2011
She creates worlds and characters that are both beautiful and frightening. I want to dive into her paintings and get lost for while. Really explore the layers of colors and darkness. They are beautifully haunting. 
"Emerald Cavern Night Raid" 2006
 The way she juxtaposes the idea of fairy tales and other happy creatures with the grimness of reality (detachment from nature, use of drugs to make yourself happy, false sense of security) truly amazes me.  She  uses her art to tell a story--a story of a grim truth based in a surreal landscape.  She is definitely one of my inspirations.
"Royal Disorder Poison Party" 2005
She helps me to believe that the worlds I create in my art aren't really all that strange, but a reality of my own making. And that it is OK to really create the things that are in my head--even if they are not always pleasant.
"The Night Greed" 2004
Do yourself a favor and look at her work here. It will blow your mind.  I just hope that I will be able to see one of her pieces in person, to really explore the depths of it. 

"Arctic Cavern Hideway"

Here's are some links if you'd like to know more about her and her work.  
*Article about her new show "Snow White and the Black Lagoon"
*A video showing her create one of her wonderful ink drawings
*A great interview with her
*She has a few books you can buy here, here, here, here, (I have a few of them and they are wonderful)

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