Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Local adventures....

Colby and I took a little trip through Durham a couple of weekends ago.  I love exploring the local area.  As much as I love traveling to far off places, there's just as many interesting spots locally that we can visit.  We've lived here for almost 5 years now and still there's so many places we haven't been. So we decided to check out one of them.  We started off at the Duke Homestead, the home, farm, and first factory of the Duke family.  They founded the American Tobacco Company and became very rich manufacturing cigarettes.  

The home was quite lovely--built in the late 1800's.

I loved the colored glass around the door.

Old tobacco barn

They still demonstrate how they hang tobacco to cure.  It smells so sweet.

The tobacco was blooming

In the museum, there was the "inspector"---inspecting the cigarettes off the rolling machine.  She looked so happy.

Funny, old advertisement

This cat named Biscuit had lived there at the Homestead for 5 years now.  He was a sweetie!
 From there we went downtown, milling around Brightleaf Square for a bit. I didn't take any photos here though--wish I had.  I found that the vintage store Dolly's was gone though!!  It's moved to Main Street though so it still exists!  Phew!
After Brightleaf, we drove to the American Tobacco Campus.  We love going here.   The Durham Bulls stadium is here too. 
 We had lunch at Piper's Deli--another new-to-us place.   We had yummy sammies!

Then to Rita's for an Ice!

Nom Nom
That's about it.  A fun day trip visiting a new place and a couple old favorites.  I think we'll be having more of these little adventures now that Colby's started classes again.  It's a great way to spend a day and learn a little about the local area. 


Bex said...

Did you get a tobacco high? And props on finding the creepiest mannequin I've seen in a while. Eeep!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

It smells so sweet it's hard to believe that it smells so stinky when smoked---all the chemicals they put into them nowadays. And yes--that mannequin was super creepy--she's been working the line too long.

Becky said...

Been to the Dook Homestead with the kids on field trips. That Inspector always gets 'em! She looks as if she needs a smoke break.

Whew is right about Dolly's! I haven't been in a while. BillHubby loves the record/cd shop at Brightleaf and I could spend all day and all our money at Morgan Imports.

The Tobacco Campus has free music from time to time too.

Soon you'll have to help me "discover" Raleigh!

Drucilla Pettibone said...

i need to get out more! so much cool stuff to see, and eat.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Yes Becky--we must do Raleigh soon. I don't know too much about Raleigh.