Thursday, August 25, 2011

More thrift scores

Some more great thrift store crafty finds!

Halloween cross stitch patterns!  They were either a quarter or fifty cent!

Including The Frankster--which I just had to get.
Some random cross stitch patterns.

Some embroidery transfers for fifty cents each!
Some more amazing embroidered/crocheted linens.

This one is a stamped piece---not quite finished.

This one is so beautifully done.

A nice crocheted throw
In other news:  
*I am pretty much obsessed with Bon Iver at the moment.  The newest album is so beautiful. 
*I finally finished reading The Princess Bride.  I've been reading it on and off for a while now.  It was quite good with many more details than the movie.
*Colby has to do an experiment with crickets for one of his animal classes so we now have crickets in our house.  It's actually kinda neat watching them and I can now tell a female cricket apart from from a make cricket.
*I'm longing for a journey...I totally blame the song below....I've been obsessively listening it to it lately for some's reminding me of Alaska. 


Bex said...

Holy cow you scored!!!

kittykill said...

Wow! You totally scored.

Becky said...

Lordamercy - did you leave anything in the thrift shops!!! What a fabulous haul.