Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey ya'll!  I've got a few free minutes so I thought I'd drop in.  I've been super busy, of course, with the baby but loving every minute of it. I'm pretty sure he's the best baby in the world (but I guess I'm just a little partial)    ; )    But believe it or not--I have had some spare moments to stitch a bit.  I'm still working on the tea towel swap and I completed another towel.  This towel belongs to Jack B Nimble, an awesome manbroiderer.  Check out his blog because he stitches amazing things.  Or better yet, buy those amazing things in his etsy shop.  
   At first I wasn't quite sure what to do for his towel but after reading that he likes tattoo flash, I immediately thought of the iconic 'mom' tattoo.  I thought it would be really cool to stitch that seeing as how I just became a mother.  

The pattern is from Sew Lovely Embroidery's Mad Ink patterns.  Visit their etsy shop for more great patterns--they really do a great job.

I decided to stitch the flowers in blue since I have a little boy and hopefully achieved a bit of dimension by using 2 different blues. 

The lettering may just be my favorite thing.  I am very happy with this piece and hope dear Jack likes it!

On another note--I've been thinking very hard about starting a more personal blog in addition to my art/craft blog as way to keep up with the happenings of my family and as a way to share these stores with my family and friends that are not close by.  Anyone else write more than one blog?  Do you find it's hard to keep up with?  I just don't want to clog this one up with way too many baby pictures and stories about what we are doing.  Hmmm--still thinking it over. 

'Til next time!

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