Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Desserts of the Month: July, August and September

Phew!  I had some major stitching sessions this past week.  I was determined to get caught up on the desserts of the month patterns,and I did--stitching up July, August and September in record pace--well maybe not record pace but pretty darn fast.  Here they are!

  July is Strawberry Shortcake! Perfect for summer.

August is Frozen Yogurt!  Yum Yum.

September is Candy Apple!  Cuteness on a stick!

All together now---just three more months!  Wow has this year flown by.  Just the other day I was thinking I needed to get started on Christmas---yikes!  Again, if you'd like to join in you can here!  Well the baby is awake now--off I go.  Later!


Kristi said...

They're all so cute! Great job!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, so cute, Crystal! I love these so much!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...