Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Catch Up: My swap stuff

In my last post I mentioned a little craft swap I did with some super stitchy folks.  I'm finally sharing what I made for my pal Jacquie!  She mentioned elves twice in her 'likes' so I just knew what I had to do....a really cute elf.

The pattern is from the Aunt Martha's big holiday pattern pack.  I thought this elf with the little tree was so cute.  It was really fun to stitch.

I used a bit of metallic thread on the star and the garland.  That stuff can be a pain to work with, but I find if I just take my time, it usually works well.

Look at that face.  Too cute.

I finished as a wall hanging backing it with some Christmas fabric and adding a little red trim along the bottom and a couple of buttons at the top with some rick rack to hang it.  I struggled a bit with my sewing machine not having used it in over a year!  It got sticky and it took me forever to even remember how to thread it.  But it all worked out and thankfully Jacquie is OK with its imperfections.

So that wraps up the little Christmas swap!

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