Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has Sprung...or something like that

Boy am I glad Spring is finally here!  We've had a pretty rough winter, lots of snow and ice and I'm over it.  So here’s a few Spring and Easter crafty thingies to help get us over winter.

I made a couple of garlands out of some foam bunnies and chicks that I picked up at Target in the $1 bin.  I mean really—super simple. For the bunnies, I did add some flower stickers to them to add a little Spring color. 

For the chicks, I had Baxter do a little finger painting on them to add some color and have something for his room.  I really like them…and hopefully I can hang on to this for the years to come.  He’s already ripped it down once and torn one of the chicks in half so we’ll see about that.  

 I also made Spring wreath. It needs a little something else, but until I figure it out, it's perfectly fine how it is. 

Once again, I'm burning through my craft stash.  The flowers are crocheted and I got them at a thrift or flea market years ago.  The bird nest was used on a diaper cake at my baby shower!  It had the ivy attached to it which I think looks great hanging from the wreath.  

So I'm going to think a bit and play around with this wreath a bit when I have the time.  It just needs a little something.  

Are you working on anything to welcome Spring? 


Kristi said...

Your decorations are so sweet, especially the chicks. What a wonderful memory those will be someday. :)

I've been crocheting a table runner to help welcome spring, but I fear that by the time I am done with it, summer will be here. ;) Ah, well. There is always next spring right? ;) ;)

Lisa said...

Simple is great! I'm amazed with all that you have on your plate that you continue to find a way to carve out a little time for crafting and art making. It's really important, I admire your determination! Baxter's little finger painted chickys are darling, I'd want to hang on to them too!