Thursday, September 4, 2008

Embroidery: Grover

Jim Henson Craft Swap part two: I made this door hanger for my partner and was so pleased with how it turned out. My partner said she loved Grover and fondly remembered the "Near and Far" sketch where Grover runs back and forth to define the meaning of near and far. Quite brilliant really. So I tried to think of a way to craft "Near and Far" and immediately knew I had to do something double-sided--near on one side and far on the other. I found the images from online coloring pages which are a great resource for images, especially characters. I used fabric in different tones of blue to give it a "Grover" feel and added some yellow pom-pom fringe to add a little whimsy. It was a bit tough to sew the fringe on the machine but I made it work.

The front with a lovely image of Grover. I love his expression.

The back with different blue fabrics and a little Grover far away.
Detail of far Grover

Again, I hated to send this out! However, I did receive such wonderful things in return that I suppose it's ok. I can always make one for myself. (wink wink) Here is what the great ursulaandolive crafted for me.

Muppet themed push pins, Muppet buttons, Kermit inspired slippers, a "monster" journal, a knitted "monster" pouch in lovely red fuzzy yarn, the Letter H stuffie named Henny, and a puppet that looks a lot like me from the glasses to the paint brush she's holding. Everything was wonderful.

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