Sunday, February 1, 2009

New painting

I finally finished the painting I started months ago. I still can't really decide if I'm pleased with it or not. I may have to live with for a while and see how it looks to me each day. I'm like that though--I'm always my worst critic. I'm so glad it finished though because it's been sitting unfinished on my easel for months, taunting me every day. So I have a sense of accomplishment that I can now move on to the next painting. I'd love to be able to finish one a month and that really doesn't seem to be too lofty of a goal. I'd really like to be able to show another piece this year so I'm on my way. My blank canvases that I bought on sale are now calling my name.

I sometimes think about just picking up and leaving--not telling anyone where I'm going---and having an adventure. I envy people that do that.

Detail of the embroidery. I like the juxtaposition of different mediums like paint, fabric and thread. I think (at least I hope) that it creates a very dynamic image.

Parting shot of my pallet reminding me that I really do need a new razor scraper.

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