Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentines Embroidery Swap

My latest craft swap was the embroidered Valentine's Swap. We had to stitch a tea towel a make an extra small gift. It was probably the easiest and most stress-free swap ever. I had fun stitching and researching ideas for it. I came across so many sweet Valentine's images that it was hard to decide on one. But my awesome partner, sundayafternoonhousewife, loves gnomes, and forest animals and things like that. I found that pattern of the gnome knocking on a door and added the mushrooms and created a mushroom house around the door. I love how it turned out.

Close up of the little gnome. He was originally holding flowers but I turned it into a box of chocolates. I love his face!

I also added some hearts to the mushrooms. I was really pleased with the overall design. I think it totally fit the theme of Valentine's Day and also was something that fit my partner's tastes.

For the small gift I actually made more than one but I had so many ideas! She had asked for awrist pincushion so I know I wanted to make her one. I had never made one before so I just looked online at different tutorials and put it together. It was so easy.

I made a little cross stitch of a heart in a hoop with a needle pulling a bit of thread. I thought it was an appropriate design.

I backed with some soft felt for comfort and also put a piece of cardboard in the bottom so she wouldn't poke herself.

I just added a piece of elastic so she could wear it! I though about it later that maybe i should have added another piece of felt to the bottom to cover the elastic but too late now since it's already at her house. Hopefully it's not uncomfortable.

Then I made her some little felt magnets. Again, super simple but really cute. I just layered different colors of felt, added some buttons for a little detail and stuffed them with some magnets inside. Too easy!

I think my partner really liked everything. I'm always so nervous when I send something out. It seems I am my own worst critic. I am anxiously awaiting my package from her and am sure that it will be amazing judging by her other work.
So another swap down. I think I may take a break from swaps right now because I have some things I'm working on for gifts and, for once, a couple things for myself that I want to do. But you never know, an amazing swap could come up that I just won't be able to resist. Have a good weekend!!

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