Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tea Towel Tour: Part 2

If you remember, I'm in the tea towel tour #5 over on craftster. I've finished two more designs on the towels that have traveled to me. First up is sundayafternoonhousewife's towel. She wanted us to do something that was representative of our state like the state bird, or flower etc. NC"s state bird is the cardinal, which I love but it is also the state bird of several other states including some of my fellow participants. So I decided to do our state flower which is a dogwood. I did a pink version because, well, a white one wouldn't show up as well on a white towel. I also did an outline of the state in Carolina blue and added the Hatteras lighthouse which I think is very representative of NC.

Then I got greenlightgo's towel which has a nature theme. I decided to use this pattern set from Aunt Martha's. I used the persimmon design because it reminded me of the persimmon tree we had growing up. I finally got to use my linen thread also! They are really great--super soft and the colors are very nice. I thought the linen was a nice fit for the design.

I'll have three more towels to stitch on and I can't wait. I also can't wait to get mine back with everyone's stitching on it. How fun. TTFN.

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