Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hollow hearts and balloons

It's been H-O-T hot here in NC!  I've had to stay inside with the A/C and stitch--poor me.  So since I've been busy stitching I've got a finished embroidery to share.  I'm really loving stitching up these Sublime patterns on found linens.  I've got quite a series going now.  This is another Tara Mcpherson pattern(If you click that link you'll see my other Tara McPherson pattern being used on the SS site!--eek).  

The flowers and border were already stitched on the fabric and the crocheted border was already there, too. 

This pattern was really fun to stitch.  I chose fun colors and kept the stitches simple.  Now--I just have to decide what to stitch next!   Although I really should paint some...I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to my paintings. 


Becky said...

Love!! I particularly love what you did with her hair. Wow. And how perfect is the frame?

kittykill said...

Your stitching is so amazing. I am constantly blown away.