Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swap part 2!

Holy Jeebus!!  I received these super awesome stitchings from my partner for the Phat Quarter swap!  They blew me away!! 

It's Harry Potter and the gang!

Hermione, Harry and Ron

Hagrid, Ginny, Freg, George and Dumbledore!

Ron even has his broken wand!  I love it!


Hagrid is one of my favorite characters in the books (he even has his little pink umbrella!

These are just so great.  My partner really went above and beyond!  It's definitely making me want to do more swaps. Check out my partner's stuff here!  She does great work. 

Also fittingly enough, I received a sweet package from a dear friend.  She recently visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and sent me a Chocolate Frog (it was tasty).  I received the Godric Gryffindor Wizard card inside!  Now I can start my collection!

I am both sad and excited about the final Harry Potter movie. I want to see it badly but knowing that it is the last one is definitely bittersweet. I'm sure I will need to bring a tissue or two. TTFN!


kittykill said...

So awesome! You are one lucky gal.

Bex said...

Oh my gosh, how awesome!!!

Becky said...

Wowsers! Those are some gorgeous stitchings!

Will you go to the midnight showing of the HP movie? I love midnight movies.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

I usually go the opening weekend to see Harry Potter movies. Don't know about the midnight show though---we'll see. : )