Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration: Elaine Bradford

I stumbled across the works of Elaine Bradford and was immediately blown away.  She makes wonderful sculptures with crochet, other mixed media materials and taxidermy animals.  I would love to see them in person.  You can check out her site and flickr for more info and photos.   Here's a few of my favorites.

"Little Guy" 2010  

I really like them when they are photographed outside.  Adds a sense of surreality to them.
'Family Portrait as Panda Bears" 2010     This is one of favorite pieces.  I love the little world she created. 
'Harry, With Worlds on Top"
"Divided Attention" 2006
'Of course it Quacks, It's a Duck"  This piece is amazing--the gold feet and bill are so great.
'No Legs" 2007
This elephant is just amazing.  Can you just imagine the size of this?  Wow. 
Well I guess that's enough---please go check out all of her photos.  She has a ton of work--each piece worth a look. 

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