Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden update

Well my little garden is really doing great!!

Everything has grown so much--the lettuce mix and radishes are pretty much ready to eat!  I've added some garlic and mint.
I've added a couple tomato plants that a co-worker gave me, too. 

My two pots of impatiens are drawing in hummingbirds which I (and Maggie) love to watch.

The basil is taking off!  I've got like 6 pots of the stuff!
I'm so excited!  I didn't know if I would be able to grow anything honestly.  Plus it's been so hot here that I didn't know if it would make it.  But it's all doing well.  Yippee.

**On another note:  We went to see Harry Potter and it was so wonderful.  I cried several times and was very pleased at the end.  I didn't want to leave the theater because it was like saying goodbye for good to these wonderful characters.  I know this probably sounds stupid to some--but I have a real sense of loss after seeing the movie--it was like I had lost an old friend.  It's really over.  Though I know there will be nothing new for Harry, I will always have the books and movies to remind me of why I love them so.  OK--I promise to try to move on.


Becky said...

You really are inspiring me to do a little porch-style gardening! It looks lovely, and what a fantastic view you have with all that green. Jealous!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

You should give it a try! If nothing else, try basil--it really works for me! : )

kittykill said...

Everything looks so wonderful! Yummy!