Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tea Towel Swap

My most recent craft swap was a set of embroidered tea towels. I had a great partner, zombiekilla, that had awesome interests and I had a blast stitching for her. I loosely based the towels on pin-ups which were one of her interests but wanted to incorporate her other interests into the pin-up idea. So, I ended up stitching a tattoo girl pin-up, a zombie/horror pin-up and a chunky girl pin-up. I worked really hard on these and was so pleased with how they turned out. Here they are:

The tattoo pin-up. I based this design off of a book that had on her wists of Angelique Hautkamp's artwork. The center figure is based on one of the paintings and I added roses and skulls to complete the design. I really wanted to keep this one. I put alot of work into this and just love how the images came together.

Close-up of the figure. I just love the skull design on her face. Very sexy.

The zombie/horror pin-up. I found this image online and added the skull in her hand. I wanted to make her look gory and scary but also sexy.

I used a variegated thread for her hair that turned out really great looking. Sexy and scary.

Chunky girl pin-up. My partner is a supporter of the fat acceptance movement so I wanted to do a fat girl pin-up that was also sexy. I added the "Queen" banner and the leaves and flowers which are Sublime Stitching patterns to make it feel like she is a queen worthy of your attention. Fat and sexy!!

This may be my favorite swap so far. I got to stitch images that I normally wouldn't and really feel that I showed greater depth with these designs.

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sewphie said...

Hi I just clicked into your blog after seeing these on Craftster- they are so cool, I love the Angelique one