Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tea Towels

I received some awesome towels from my Tea Towel Swap partner, zombiekilla. I mentioned that I was really into birds right now and she stitched the most whimsical and creative designs. She really did a great job with making something that it totally me! They were also stitched on these really vintage looking towels which I love. Without further adieu:

The bird with the red balloon. She used such fun colors!

The bird with flowers. I love this image and again such great colors. Really fantastical looking.

The bird looking at his reflection. Probably my favorite design. He's checking himself out in the mirror and loving what he sees.

Thanks zombiekilla for these great towels!

1 comment:

Mr X Stitch said...

Those are great. You guys did some awesome swapping stuff. I'm pretty jealous!
Big props to the both of you!