Saturday, March 26, 2011

Embroidery finds

If you didn't know--I love a good thrift store/flea market find. I found some amazing embroidery work the Hospice Flea Market that has opened a permanent shop for their stuff. I got most of these piece for $1 or $2! It kinda makes me sad to see such a price because I know how much time went into them, and they were made with love by someone. (Picture little old ladies stitching away.....)

Lovely deer doily embroidery with crochet border.

Close-up one of the deer

Little doily with wool flowers. I was thinking I could add something to this one.

This is a pretty large runner with the same image embroidered on the ends. Such a pretty design. This one shows a bit of wear but I love that some stitched it and used it in their home.

Close up of the other side.

This lovely pillow case with a little bird and flowers. I'm using this one right now. It is so pretty.

Detail of the sweet bird

Another pretty pillowcase with flowers and crochet border.

I love the pink crochet border.

This little piece with pink embroidery and crochet. I can add to this one, too.

Detail of one of the corners. Beautiful feather stitch and crochet.

Another little piece with some beautiful crochet work. Another I can add to.

I will definitely go back and see what I can rescue. I love giving these pieces a new place to live where they will appreciated.


Becky said...

Now I'm looking at these and thinking about that appliqued tablecloth...!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

I know right?? That was such a beautiful piece and a wonderful idea.