Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inspirations: Houses

I'm going to start a new segment of this blog and talk about some inspirations of mine for my work. I use houses often in my artwork as a symbol of many things-mostly personal as so much of my work is (as most art is I think).
("Multiplying" detail)
It is such an iconic, familiar shape. I just like the actual shape of a house—there is something so inviting and comfortable about it--the square sides, the pointed roof. I think about the way children draw houses, the simple forms and shapes that actually mean a lot. Then there is, of course, the deeper meaning of houses and the lives led inside them can be so meaningful--both positive and negative. So here are some other images of houses that inspire me.

"White Swan Deluge" by the incomparable Camille Rose Garcia. She will soon get her own inspiration post because she is the most amazing painter working right now. Period.

"Lost and Found" by one of my heroes Miriam Shapiro I discovered her in college and she is so influential to me.

"Hey Courbet, Fresh Produce" by Emily Eibel. She creates these wonderful images with fabric and stitches.

Camilla Engman has the most beautiful blog. Her paper works are fantastic.

"Fever" by lanydevening The simplicity of this piece is what is so beautiful.

Doll House no 364by sushipot. This piece blew me away.

With these works, you can really see how the shape of a house is used in different ways. How they are used hold a different meaning for each piece. The beauty of art is that are always multiple translations.

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