Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trip to the mountains

Last weekend we took a trip up the mountains of NC and TN.  The fall colors were not quite at peak but were still beautiful and the weather was pretty much perfect.  We took a drive through Great Smoky Mountain National Park, spent a night in Knoxville, drove the Cherohala Parkway and spent a night in Cherokee (losing a little at the casino).  It was a rejuvenating trip for sure.

House in the Horseshoe.  We stopped here on the way out of town and so glad we did.  Beautiful farm country and so quiet and isolated. 

A tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Off the BRP

The Smokies

Hiking the AT in the Smokies

A friend along the trail

I thought this leaf was interesting--split in half down the middle--half red, half yellow.

The Smokies

The Sun Sphere in Knoxville, TN

Along the Cherohala Parkway

Along the Cherohala

Fontana Dam

Playing Star Trek slots at Harrah's in Cherokee. 
Again, I've got more photos on flickr.


Becky said...

Looks as if this year's colors are not too shabby. Glad you had such a nice trip. Your pics make me a little homesick for the Northwest mountains of NC.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Yes it was so beautiful--I want to live in the mountains again myself.