Monday, January 16, 2012

Finishing more things I started.

I finished a couple more projects.  I had ironed on these patterns months ago and told myself that I had to finish these before moving on to anything else.  I got tired of looking at them unfinished.  I'm so glad that I finished them. 

Sublime Stitching Michael Sieben pattern
 I stitched this on a thrifted textile.  The small flowers were already stitched and I think they really add a little something extra to the design. 

 I just adore these patterns.  So whimsical and a bit odd.  You may remember that I stitched another of his designs. 

I really like the detailing of the eye.  You could stitch this same pattern a hundred different ways and it would always be wonderful. 

Sublime Stitching Jim Woodring pattern
 I also stitched this pattern from the Jim Woodring artist set. I thought this little creature would be a great juxtaposition with the flowers in this thrifted textile.  Again, the flowers were already stitched. 

I kept him simple, stitching primarily in purple. 

So that's it.  I really feel like I can move on to new ideas now and start this year fresh.  There are tons of patterns to stitch, sketches to sketch, paintings to paint.  Now my mind is clear and ready.  I've got big plans and a lot to do!


Becky said...

Your stitches are beautiful!

And I completely love putting those funky fellers on those pretty vintage textiles!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Thanks--I love it, too.

Amy Bindel said...

Beautiful! Such a great idea to use the thrifted textiles.

Kimberly Gruber said...

this is wonderful! What a fantastic idea.

I just started this new craft myself,fun!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Thank you all!!