Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Man...

I have finished a new piece using another Sublime Stitching artist series pattern.  This time an amazing Michael Sieben design.

I also used another textile that I found at the thrift store.  I love the crochet work on this one.  The delicacy of it is a great juxtaposition of the embroidery  itself--heavy stitches and color. 

I've pretty pleased with my fill stitches though I still seem to have a bit of a problem with tension causing the fabric to pull.  I don't know if that will just happen or if it's something I can prevent.

I tried to give some depth with colors in the hair.  I like doing hair with split stitch becuase it gives texture.  You can check out Michael Sieben's artwork here. I really like his work, it's very colorful and expressive.  At first it seems quite simplistic, but it's heavy in content.  Here's a few I like.

Lighter Or Darker
9" x 9" acrylic and pencil on panel

Need To Talk
9" x 9" acrylic and pencil on panel

12" x 12" acrylic and pencil on panel

Look familiar?
Whats New
9" x 9" acrylic and pencil on panel

**In other news: Jenny Hart featured me on the Sublime Stitching blog!  Color me excited! I am a big fan of Jenny's embroidery--check it out here!  Also, the amazing Connie asked me to put this cross stitch on's cross stitch page--pretty cool.  She's doing a great job with the cross stitch page and has tons of free patterns if you want to give cross stitch a try--she's a great resource.  I'm starting a couple new stitches and working on my painting--trying to stay busy.  The weather is getting warm and everything's in bloom!  We are heading to Florida in a couple weeks and I'm really looking forward to the down time. Til next time!


Becky said...

He looks fantastic. Great job on his tousled hair.

Becky said...

You may have to give me a tutorial on fill stitches! Love your stitching on this one, looks great close-up. And congrats!