Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Cross Stitch Stash

I wanted to share some fun things I found at the thrift store recently.  I had the rare chance to actually go to the thrift—alone!   I walked in the door and there was a big sign that read “All Crafts 50% off”!  SCORE!  This particular thrift always has tons of crafty items for a real bargain.  So I commenced in digging through approximately 12 crates that hold cross stitch magazines, leaflets and pamphlets.  

Yes I looked through every, single one.  I just had to!  They are normally priced at either a quarter or fifty cents, so half off is definitely a price I couldn’t resist. So here’s a few of the goodies I found in the search!  Be warned---tons of photos in this post!

I found several SamSarah patterns.  These were all priced at a quarter so I got them for a steal.  I found several of these monthly bee patterns which are so adorable.  I think these will definitely get stitched up.  The wings are too cute.  I may even need to scour ebay for the other months.

The strawberry wings kill me with cute!

I also found more of the alphabet set they came out with a few years back. I have found a few previously from this same thrift store.  I’m pretty sure “W is for Wizard” is my favorite

W is for Wizar
U is for Umbrella
X is for X-ray
F is for Farm
And these super cute carrots! 

I came across several Cricket Collection patterns as well.  I am in love with the Easter patterns, particularly this one with carrot cake and the little carrots.  So cute and those will definitely get stitched. 
Look how cute!!!!
There’s also these super cute bunnies.  Too adorable.

Then some other patterns as well. 

I found quite a few patterns from Fanci That as well.  I'm actually not too familiar with them but they've got some super cute designs, especially “Mr. Shivers".

There are also a few from a monthly collection, Scarecrows of the Month, which I found a few of the months.

And more from Fanci That:

But wait there's more!!  Here's some MORE patterns I found.

Several small designs from Trail Creek Farm
A cute St. Patrick's Day pattern from Nessy Lynn's, a Christmas pattern from JBW Designs and an Ink Circles pattern

 Some fun designs

How perfect is "Sweetheart Angel" for Valentine's Day?  And I loved the gingerbread house pattern in the Homespun Christmas booklet

I even came across these Aunt Martha's embroidery patterns
Then some random magazines. These I didn’t tear into because they have a lot of patterns I like in them so it’s easier to keep it intact. 

I did find several more magazines too which I’ve already gone through and taken out the particular patterns I wanted.  I always do this for thrift store magazines as I don’t see the need in keeping the entire magazine when I really just want a pattern or two from it…especially when I only pay 12 cents for it.  I put these patterns in sheet protectors and keep them all in a binder organized by type of pattern (Christmas, floral, etc.)  It works for me and takes up much less space and I know what I have as opposed to flipping through magazines trying to find something in particular.  

Phew!  That's it!  I'm so excited about my awesome finds and can't wait to stitch some of these up.  I love a good thrift store find.  What's one of your favorite thrift stash finds?

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