Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspiration: Emily Stout

While flipping through the new issue of "New American Paintings" at the bookstore, I saw something so amazing I just had to post about it...the work of Emily Stout. Particularly this piece.

The Mermaids  Charcoal drawings, Quilted tails
I was blown away by this imagery and the combination of the drawings with the patchwork quilts. Absolutely amazing. I'm so intrigued by these words from her statement:

Enchanted forms such as the mermaid, are symbols of the unexpected or unknown in my work. I frequently work with hybrid forms that violate natural law or more specifically contemporary scientific explanation. I am interested in the classic depiction of the mermaid in folk tales and legends as beautiful yet monstrous creatures. They are outcasts; abnormal curiosities. They are neither this nor that, they lie between, questioning the logic of natural order.

Further explorations of her website brought me to this piece:
Destructive Reconstructors  Mixed media
I want to see this in person so badly. The legs of the male figure seem to be three-dimensional but made of what?  Stuffed fabric, lighting trickery?  Agh I must know! 

S witch Board Apparition Theater Mixed media, Wood, Quilting, Paste-ups, Paint, Telephone Receiver Speakers

This piece was listed under "Puppet Show". If it was indeed used for a puppet show, I'm very curious what the show was about because the theater is quite remarkable. 

I hope you've been just as blown away as me with Emily's work. I know I'm going to keep an eye for whatever she has planned next. 

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