Tuesday, May 3, 2011


While going through some of my old things, I found this handmade book I made back in college.  Man did it bring back some memories.  It was a very personal piece, I guess it still is.  But seeing this again, made me remember the creativity I once felt--the feeling that I could really make something and the freedom of it.  I made this in a pinhole photography class, the photographs are of toy horses, the larger one I've had since I was a child.  The prints are cyanotype, a beautiful blue print.  The papers are handmade and everything is hand-stitched, there's pieces of fabric incorporated also.  I do miss having the space and resources to do things like this--make my own paper, access to a darkroom.  Just a bit more inspiration for myself--I have been really dragging on this new painting--feeling very unmotivated and time is ticking away.  So these sparks of inspirations I'm finding are really helping me clear my creative block. 

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