Monday, January 19, 2009

Two more gifts

I'm really trying to get the Christmas stuff over and done with! So here's a couple more Christmas gifts that I made but forgot to take a picture of at the time, so just took these recently. Hopefully by the end of the week I can post all the 12 Days of Christmas Swap stuff and be done with Christmas for good until next year!

First up is an ornament I made for my step dad. He is a banjo player and while perusing the Internet one day, just wasting time looking for drawings and things to embroider, I came across this snowman playing guess what?-------- a banjo! I immediately printed it out and held on to it for several months knowing that I wanted to do it for him. It's just so cute!

He's mid-song and plucking away.

Then, this pillow I made for my mom. I wanted to do a cardinal for her as a representation of my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago. She loved cardinals and my mom and I always think of her when we see a cardinal. This pattern is an Aunt Martha's. I absolutely love it and I think my mom did too.

Bit of a close-up.

I really wanted to capture the depth and soul of the bird. They are so beautiful.
I backed the pillow with this cute heart fabric.

I think the pillow was the most satisfying thing I made for the holidays. It was full of meaning which makes it special.

So that's it for the personal gifts. I will get the swap photos up soon because I'm proud of all the things I made and love all the things I received.

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