Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's kick off 2009!!

I hope everyone had a great New Years! I actually took it easy with my Colby--we stayed around the house and watched the ball drop. The photo of us over there was on Christmas Day at my mom's--I realized that I didn't take any photos on NYE. It was actually nice just the two of us. I don't see him very often during the week due to opposite schedules, so I like when it's just us. Not a bad way to start the new year.

So what do I hope for the new year? I'm optimistic for 2009. I'm sorta doing the typical thing of getting in shape and losing weight and all that, but I also want to focus on my overall health. I've already been to the chiropractor and he's getting me sorted out. Turns out my back aches sometimes because of a birth defect--who knew? Gotta love x-rays. I need to start taking better care of myself if I plan on seeing 2010!

I've also deemed that this will be the year of creativity. I will focus more on my painting and really try to finish a substantial amount of pieces. I would love to show my stuff but I have to have something to show!! So paint paint paint! I,of course, still want to do crafty things too. That really makes me happy. I like making things for other people and have a list of things I want to make that needs to get checked off. I received a crochet/knit kit in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap (I will post on that soon) and I WILL learn to crochet and knit this year and make really awesome things!

I also want to focus on just one craft swap at a time. While I love swapping and receiving great pieces from awesome crafters, I got a little overwhelmed last year. So one at a time and do a great job. This will be hard for me because there are usually several I want to do at a time. I've already been tempted! I've joined the Embroidered Valentine Towel swap and am focusing on that.

I also would really like to leave the country this year. Colby and I have been talking about a trip to Europe for our vacation perhaps in the fall and I really hope it happens. We just can't decide on where--way too many options. But we love to travel and haven't been doing alot of it lately.

Also, I want to purchase one piece of original art and some smaller crafty items. If I want people to buy things from me, I feel I should reciprocate with purchasing from fellow artists and crafters. I would ultimately like to purchase one piece of art a year to start a nice collection. They don't have to be totally expensive. You can find great pieces from emerging, local artists for cheap. The hard part will be being selective. I mean I can't buy everything I love! So I will have to choose wisely.

Well--I guess that's it. It's alot and I know it will be tough, but it's nice to have goals. Each swap I finish successfully with no stress, or painting I actually finish, or pound lost will be a step in the right direction. Here's to a 2009 filled with positivity and creativity!

P.S. I also hope to be a better blogger. I've realzed that I'm behind on posting-like NYC photos and Christmas crafts. Blogging has really helped me stay focused and organized so I need to be more on top of things! TTFN!


Rachel said...

I'm pretty optimistic for '09 too...seems like '08 sucked for just about everyone. I know it was a SUPER rough year for my husband & I since we just went to school & work & saw each other for maybe 2-3 hours a day. Learn to knit! I love it, even though I just do simple stuff it is super relaxing! I still can't quite get the hang of crochet though...maybe I'll try that more this year :)

And a trip to Europe sounds awesome!

Crystal Rhew said...

I actually tried crochet for the first time last night. I received a how-to kit ina swap. So far I can chain and single crochet. I just have a hard time keeping tension even and that I'm sure will get easier with practice. It was relaxing! I feel it's important to try new things!.