Friday, January 9, 2009

Crafty gifts

I was so busy over the holidays between crafting for the huge 12 Days of Christmas Swap, gifts for family and friends, cooking, visiting etc. that I'm kinda behind on posting photos of my crafts. So here's some of the things I made for family and friends. I primarily made embroidered ornaments this year and a few tea towels.

Cute little snowman for my cousin and his family. The patterns are Aunt Martha's and are adorable. Every one of them was so cute! Most of the front fabric is a flour sack towel that I cut up because I messed up a transfer. So instead if it just sitting there calling me stupid becuase I can't spell (duh) I decided to salvage it for these smaller items.

There was also this one I made for my aunt. I mean come on--how cute! I just backed them all with felt, added a cute ribbon and pinked the edges. Really simple.

This one was for my brother-in-law.

This was for my sister. They are both from the Black Apple patterns from Sublime Stitching. I adore these patterns. I really liked how these turned out. I tried to use subdued colors that were subtle but pretty.

Don't they look just like them! haha

The little reindeer went to my grandma. I got this pattern from a huge book of iron-on transfers that I found at a flea market. It's straight out of the 80's and filled with hundreds of patterns--some cheesy and kiddish but the holiday stuff is really great.

The cute kitty was for my cousin. I went with a sushi theme for her gifts because she loves it. Check out that gold collar. Meow!

So I also made a sushi towel for her. These are also Sublime patterns. I think she really liked them both.

I like the steaming bowl of rice! Too cute.

Sexy pinup got mailed away to my friend in Hawaii. She hasn't been living there long and she's so supportive of my craftiness. So I wanted to send her something. I thought--hula girl? tiki? palm trees? but she's so bloody sexy that I thought a pinup would be appropriate! (hee hee) Plus I know how it is to move a lot and have to buy things over and over-especially smaller items.

Her hair matches my friend's color. And wow---small faces are hard! It's difficut to get the subtleties of the features. So I think I need to practice doing faces.

And just look at that rear! Woo hoo! Super sexy. This is also a Sublime pattern.

So that about wraps it up for now. There are a couple more things that I seemed to have forgotten to get a picture of so I will have to take one and post later.
I still can't believe that I finished everything. I did just about everything in a week. I was so busy with the 12 Days swap and that took up all of my time. So next year, no procrastinating and no swaps around the holidays. Too much stress!! But it all worked out and I'm pleased with everything.

Just for giggles, here's Maggie with some of her stocking stuffers. She got some new toys that she really liked.


sewphie said...

wow, you must've been busy in the run up to christmas! I especially like the black apple ornaments- they look really nice

Crystal Rhew said...

Thanks! Those patterns are really great!