Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last of Christmas...I promise!

I swear this is the last of the Christmas crafts. I just really wanted to show a bit more of the embroidery I did for the 12 Days Swap. So here goes!

First up: Three towels with the cutest Santa's I've ever seen. They are Aunt Martha patterns and are darling! I only did three of them and will do the rest for myself probably for next year. I stitched them all on these great towels from www.colonialpatterns.com They have a vintage feel with red stripes and are super to stitch on.

Santa on his way down the chimney!

With a sack full of toys. I love the expressions on the faces of these patterns.

And sledding down the perfect hill of snow!

Then wishing you all Happy Holidays! Again, they are just the cutest patterns!!

Next up! I made a huge banner with different little embroidered "flags." I didn't get a picture of the entire thing hanging because I didn't have the space to do so, but here's what each piece looked like. They all had a embroidered design sewn onto Christmas fabric.

And that's that! Christmas is officially over.

What else has been going on:
*My sister's birthday celebration at Roller Derby!
*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was phenomenal!!
*Lost is back on!
*Colby will be in Vegas for a few days and I'll have the place to myself!
*Eagerly awaiting my towel and small craft for the Valentine's Swap!
*May go the flea market this weekend
*Working on some cross stitches for gifts and a few things for myself!

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Rachel said...

holy hell, you've been busy! they all look great!