Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Countdown: Frankenstein Cross Stitch

I have been wanting to share this cross stitch with you all for SOOOO long now!!  That’s how much I love it.  Once again, I made this for my partner in the Mini 13 Days of Halloween Swap on Craftster. She’s a big Frankenstein fan so I knew I wanted to stitch some sort of Frankenstein for her so I dug through my stash of cross stitch booklets and patterns and decided on this one.  

 It’s from Stoney Creek Collection’s “Witches Stitches” booklet # 284 and the pattern itself is titled “Hello Monsters”.  The pattern also had a haunted tree, a jack-o-lantern and the words Hello Monsters.  It’s a seriously huge pattern.  I only stitched the Frank part and he took so long that I can’t imagine stitching the whole pattern!  But he was worth the work because he turned out great! 

 This was definitely a tough stitch.  The way the colors change throughout the piece to create the shading got confusing many times and I got off count and would have to frog and re-stitch.  I began stitching small sections at a time which helped tremendously!  It may have only been four shades of green, but it was still tough.  

I think he looks great though.  He’s got a little smile on his face and I love his snarled fingers.  I’m so very pleased with this piece and glad I had the chance to stitch it---all thanks to my awesome partner!

Here he is all framed up!  I love this frame I found! (I always struggle photographing glass--ugh)

I'm totally in love with this piece.  It was a monstrous challenge!

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