Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Countdown: Spooky Shadowbox

Today I’m sharing yet another piece I made for my partner in the Mini 13 days of Halloween Swap….this little shadowbox.

Now this is only the second shadowbox I’ve ever made and man was it fun and another great way to use up your bits, bobs and doodads you accumulate over the years!  I had the box in my stash for a while now.  It’s about 3”x3”x1” and was unfinished wood so the first thing I did was paint it black. Then I glued down some scrapbook paper in the back of the box as a base to build the piece.

Then I just gathered things I thought may look good in the box and started playing around. That’s the fun part. Some of the things I used I had in my stash but some things, like the little pumpkinhead figure, I bought in the sticker aisle.  Can you believe the stickers they come out with these days?  A far cry from the old scratch-n-sniff ones from when I was a kid.   I glued the pumpkinhead to a wooden spool so he would stand up better and added a little key in his hand.

Then I just picked other things to add that I thought would complete the scene. A jeweled moon with a black crow and a little star.

A robin’s egg perched on a thimble and some eyelash yarn along the bottom for some texture.  A fun, little moonlight scene.

I completed the outside by adding a large key to echo the small key inside the box and then added a little banner (also from the sticker aisle!) along the bottom, topped with  a little silver pipe cleaner.  I also added a little lace along the side of the box.  I attached a hanger on the back so it can be hung on the wall.

I’m totally in love with this little shadowbox.  I had a hard time parting with it.  I will certainly be making one for myself someday.

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