Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Countdown: Thrift store makeover

Alrighty folks.  I had planned on posting this yesterday but I'm having some computer issues so I'm already a day behind on my big Coutdown To Halloween plans!  So I'm going to start today.  My plans are to share different Halloween crafts and other fun tidbits throughout the month to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.  I'm going to try my hardest to post daily...fingers crossed.   So let the fun begin!

I found this lovely painted glass piece at the thrift store and immediately thought of my partner, the super awesome Pam, for the Mini 13 days of Halloween Swap on Craftster.  I thought she would love this just as it is....  

...but I decided to do a makeover to spookify it a bit. 

First I took off the backing paper so I could create my own background. I tried to get it off in one piece so I could reuse it, but was unsuccessful and it ripped so I just made a new one out of a cereal box.  I began to layer papers, starting with a gear-type image from a Steampunk themed scrapbook paper book I picked up on clearance.  Then I added a skeleton, some jack-o-lanterns along the bottom, a sparkly moon, a red butterfly and some other shapes.  Then I just glued it on the frame and voila!  Super simple, but what a change.

The original piece was actually a series of four.  I would have loved to find all four and make over each one!  But doing this one was fun.  This swap has afforded me the opportunity to try new things and do things I haven’t done in a while and I’m reminded again why I love to do craft swaps!

P.S. (Sorry for the not so great photos.  It's hard to photograph things under glass)

Tune in next time for more Halloween fun!


Becky said...

I love what you did!! Now I'm gonna be a-hunting these framed couples for similar usage!!! Cool idea!

sewphie said...

This is so cool!